Hey friends and fam! Uh, if you can´t tell from the title, I AM LOVING BRAZIL SO MUCH. Like seriously. The people, the food(sometimes…) Portuguese, ALL OF IT. I totally spaced grabbing my journal before heading to the lab so I´m going to wing it.

First a bit about my companion. SISTER NELSON IS SO GREAT. Seriously. At first I was a bit nervous, but she is easily becoming one of my very best friends. She has no judgement and is honestly the most brutally honest person I know. And I lowkey love her for it. We are basically each other´s moms. Its fab.
We room with two Brazilians, Sister Madeiros and Sister Da Costa. Sister Madeiros speaks really good English so shes kind and helps us out. But her and sis. da costa are crazy passive agressive. Disclaimer for the following story: I am cleaner here than I ever have been. Like seriously. But apparently NOT CLEAN ENOUGH BC WHEN SISTER NELSON AND I LEAVE THE ROOM THEY LINE OUR SHOES UNDER OUR BEDS FOR US AND FOLD OUR TOWELS AND WASHCLOTHS AND SET THEM ON OUR BED AND OH MY GOODNESS WE LAUGH SO HARD. We still haven~t said anything to them about it……. haha
So lots of baratas(cockroaches) here. Its kind of gross. But I mean, at least they arent poisonous? I dont have too much of an issue with them. For example, the other day after physical activity time, we had service in the laundry room and the other sisters in my district found a barata in the laundry bin and FREAKED. And then lol @ me bc I just walked over there picked it up and carried it outside…. I defs got some massive streetcred for that.
Portuguese is really hard, but I feel like I have learned more in a week than I would in a year of a language class. At every meal sis. nelson and I sit with brazilians and we can communicate functionally. Like I can get by. And its only been a week. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS THE REALEST OF THE REAL. Idek how I could be speaking portuguese without God and that gift of the Spirit.
Food here is bom(good). Rice and beans are classics. Mingal is like my fave thing for breakfast. Its like a sugary corn/wheat/rice milky cereal. I like to dip ham and cheese sandwiches in it. Pretty dang good if you ask me. I barely eat carbs and sugar anymore which explains why Ive started to lose weight…. Its all meat and veggies and fruit. But I am LOVING IT. My fave is pizza night. oh man. Pizza here is bomb-diggity. Like I don~t want no papa johns ever again. They have chocolate banana pizza which is like incredible. Ugh. I love Brazil so much.
Sister Nelson and I got sick earlier this week so we got to leave the compound to get medicine at the market. We also grabbed like a life supply of chocolate so hey that was a trip well spent. The clerk laughed at our Portuguese lots, but I~m telling you. It was worth it.
So. Im on a time stress, rn and Ive got to go, but I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. Thank you for your support and prayers and oh  man. Yall are the greatest.
Hopefully next week I~ll have a more structured email, and maybe will have learned brazilian keyboards a bit better and will be able to use better punctuation and capitalization. Also hopefully pictures. hahaha love you!
Sister Whiting

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