Still madly in love with Brazil

Okay okay hopefully i have more time this week to give you the scoop on the wonders of Brazil.

First stop. The people. The CTM president is President Grahl. President Grahl is basically the 8th wonder of the world. He is the one that translated the version of the Bible we use into Portuguese. He also cleaned up the Portuguese translation of the Book of Mormon. Like crazy cool. My two CTM instrutors are Irmã Sunaga(who is silently hilarious) and Irmão Jacques who is this short stout guy and the SASSIEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. Whenever we try and tell him hes sassy, he doesnt really know what it is bc there isnt a word for it in portuguese???? Muito deficil for us. Okay last person on my list is SISTER MORAIS. OH MY GOODNESS. So we started going on Splits this week, and I get a Brazilian companion, and duh its sister morais. That girl talks SO FAST, but its all good because she is practically my soul sister. I understand most of what she says which is way nice, but just how we treat each other says it all and I love that the language of kindness and genuine love is universal.
K. I know lots of y’all want to know about my encounter with some General Authorities. Elder Holland and his wife, as well as Richard Maynes and his wife came to speak to us last week. IT WAS SO AWESOME. I got two handshakes from Elder Holland, because he shook my hand first, and then after I played the piano while he shook everyone elses hands he came to shake mine. It was chill. They talked about how to be a champion swimmer. You gotta kick when you dont wanna kick and stroke when you dont wanna stroke. It helped me out tons. Its been a rough week with the language and stuff but well get there in a sec.
I have officially been dubbed ping-pong champ of the MTC. public s/o to my dad for all the hours spent in the basement playing ping pong. Its considered a badge of pride if an elder can beat me. So far only one has…. haha
So my Portuguese is apparently pretty dece. Irmão Oliveira was telling other instructors how great my portuguese was. And hes totally serious, so hey that made me feel good. And Irmã Sunaga says I speak Portuguese at outrageously rapid speed for only speaking it for two weeks. And all my  Brazilian friends and I can talk pretty much without stopping. Like, I speak functional Portuguese in two weeks. No, Im not bragging here. All Im saying is THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS THE REALEST THING ON THE PLANET. I sat in a lesson the other day, and I understood everything the investigator was saying, and the spirit just testified that it was defs the gift of tongues. I am SO GRATEFUL for that gift.
Sister Corey had a solid language fail this week. She mentally messed up a scripture reference for her brazilian investigator. she meant to give her a scripture in 2 nephi 31 about baptism, but accidentally had her read 2 nephi 30 11-13 without realizing it. so after she asked her investigator how she felt, and her investigator just looked at her really confused…. hahahahaha
So, in the CTM the people we teach are our teachers and they just change names and such. So, our first investigator was ‘nubia’, but now she is ‘lucia’. anyways, totally sat in a lesson with her and CALLED HER NUBIA. AND YOU KNOW WHAT IRMA SUNAGA DID?! YOU WOULD THINK SHE WOULD PLAY IT OFF BUT NAH. SHE LAUGHED SO HARD. SHE LAUGHED FOR A SOLID THREE MINUTES. It was semi embarrassing.
We had an English fast yesterday and it was the HARDEST thing, but man oh  man so rewarding. Didnt speak any English. Didnt need to. It was perfect and really humbling.
Quick food update. Today we had the same kind of food from my mission and oh man im gonna be a different person when i get home. Not only because of spirituality. BUT BECAUSE IM GOING TO GET FAT. Irmão Jacques served in Porto Alegre Norte, and he gained 44 POUNDS. Eh. Im not caring too much bc DANG ITS GOOD. Yesterday we had deep fried chicken stuffed with cheese. dang that was good too. Also, still losing weight. Somehow. Some odd miracle. But hey. Im not complaining.
Well. Gotta run. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Thank you for your love and support and prayers!
-Sister Whiting

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