Hi friends and fam! This might be a short one but dang am I excited. BC YOU KNOW WHAT WE DID THIS WEEK?!?!?! PROSELITING. I was SO nervous, but dang. My Portuguese was  totally fine! There were three people we talked to that really stuck out.

1) A man who had talked with the missionaries before but never got a book of mormon ??? He was SO pumped when we gave him one.
2) A couple of teenage boys who spoke a little bit of English and were so excited to get to use it. And then they got totally pumped about their book of mormon and said they were gonna race to see who finished it first.
3) THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. So we gave out our 10 book of mormons in an hour, and then we decided to do some street contacts. Sister Nelson and I both felt impressed to talk to this guy. At first we just talked about the basics. What he enjoyed about Brazil, so on and so forth. And then we started talking about the church. He gave us his contact info, and as we walked away I had the strongest impression he would be a leader in the church here in Brazil. BECAUSE WE FOLLOWED A PROMPTING. The Holy Ghost is the real deal folks.
Um so funny story of the week. Last week I got this random candy box called the Garoto box(you can buy one on Amazon. I highly suggest it). Anyways, my favorite candy in this box is 5 sure these things called Crocantes. Anyways, yesterday I brought one in case I got hungry. Well, I left to teach a lesson, came back and my Crocante WAS GONE. Irmão Jacques started looking a little nervous and trying to stall me. Well I totally figured out that little stinker ATE IT WHILE I WAS GONE. He must have felt really really bad, because when I came back after all my night activities, there was a giant Kit Kat bar waiting for me. What a star. And he told me my Portuguese grammar was perfect. Which means a lot because I have been working my behind off on that for days.
Well, Like I said, I am lacking in the time department so this will be a short one. But thank you all SO much for your support! I love you all to the ends of the church. Also, I have a crazy testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know that reading it WILL change your life. You will start to see blessings that you never saw before. Love you all! Have a great week! 🙂

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