Hello friends that still read these ?? Hahah thank you for your love and support once again. This week?? AWESOME. Once again. Pretty sure Im in heaven.

So we can start off with the funny stuff, and then get to the good old spiritual stuff that makes being on the mission worth every moment…
Well hi first major language fail. We were talking about food, and I wanted to say that I crave sweet pork salads. So I look in my dictionary, and apparently was checking out the wrong crave, because once I said what I did, Irmã Sunaga laughed so hard she cried. Why? Oh yeah. Bc apparently I said I had a hot desire for sweet pork salads ??? I still laugh about it when I think of that moment….
Now for a language fail on the Brazilian side of things…. A group of Elders took to learning the song Nephi’s Courage. One problem…. They sing “I will go, I will do the things the Lord condemns….” CONDEMNS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Like wow hey thats the opposite, but you know what thanks for helping us Americans laugh a bit more ???
I have been asked to teach a yoga class during actividade fisica. If you know me, you are probably laughing bc I am defs not a yoga person. And to top it off, I have to teach it in Portuguese ??? Idek how this is gonna work but can I put this on my resume one day ? Lol
So, I have had a couple cool titles given to me this week. Many missionaries have now taken to calling me Sister Famous…. which basically makes my heart melt. Sister Nelson loves it, she says she feels like we are celebrities. Brazilians just love Americans so much, and when her and I take the time to know all of their names like we do, it just means the whole wide world to them. Another group of Elders told me I am the most excited sister in the CTM. I think they mean enthusiastic, but either way my heart melted. And then yesterday, on account of my Portuguese, on two different occasions people asked where I was from and when I said Estados Unidos you wouldve thought I told them I was a man. They were so shocked I wasnt a native bc apparently my Portuguese is pretty fine…. Defs not complaining here.
 On account of my portuguese being fly, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS. I know its not me. I know its the Spirit and the gift of tongues and all of your thoughts and prayers so THANK YOU SO MUCH. Like SO MUCH.
Now, for a couple spiritual things….
I had the opportunity to speak in church on Sunday. In Portuguese. They literally tell you about these things two minutes before the meeting starts, so hey gave a solid talk about my best friend Jesus Christ. I am SO grateful for Him and His love. He really is my best friend.
For Splits this week, my companion sister M. Santos and I taught a lesson on the Restoration. We thought it would be cool to sing a hymn for our investigators before we taught. HOLY HANNAH BANANA THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG. Theres something about music that brings it hard core everytime.
I love you all so much! Thanks for your support!
Sister Whiting

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