Okay so I will keep this short, butttt man we had a fun week!

Tad R. Callister came and spoke. That was definitely bomb diggity. He gave this whole lesson on how we know the Great Apostasy was a thing and why there needed to be a restoration. That should defs be handy on the mish.
Sunday was fast Sunday, and Sister Nelson and I planned out our weddings, made a blanket fort on my bunk, and then napped for three hours so hey that was a win-win as well.
I currently have a cold and no voice. Literally Sister Nelson and I have been passing this thing back and forth and back and forth. Ugh…. the worssssst
We went proselyting again. Our district(6 sisters) handed out 38 books of mormon, and got 22 references. In an hour and a half. We worked SO hard the previous week, and we know our success was a direct effect of our hard work.
While proselyting, I had a couple cool experiences. i got to teach a couple of boys a lesson on how the Bible and Book of Mormon work together. SOOOOO COOOOOL. Like legit. They were so excited to learn more about the gospel and to read the Book of Mormon.
The first lady we walked up to, seemed kinda quiet. But I handed her a book of mormon, and felt impressed to bear my testimony about how life was hard, but the BoM gives me peace in this life. And she just cried. Bawled her eyes out right there. And then opened the Book of Mormon and literally started reading RIGHT THERE ON THE STREET. And she walked away cause she had places to be BUT SHE LITERALLY WALKED AND READ THAT BOOK AT THE SAME TIME. THIS 80 YEAR OLD WOMAN JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET WITH READING GLASSES AND READING THE BoM WITHOUT TRIPPING. Like legit fam. I hope it brings her that peace it brings me.
Well. I’m peacin out fam. I leave for the field ON TUESDAY. Which means, you wont hear from me again until the next Monday. But I am SO EXCITED. FOR EVERYTHING. The best barbecue the world has to offer! No more English! To absolutely freeze! I am excited for it all.
Thank you so much for your love and support!
Until next time,
Sister Whiting

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