K fam. Literally have no time to email. We leave for the Porto Alegre temple in twenty minutes and my fingers are basically frozen and its a struggle bus to have to type, but hey Ill make this fast and informative and hopefully answer all your questions.

My new comp is Sister Pedrosa. I love her with my whole entire heart. She is sweet as sugar and has so much patience for my portuguese. I LOVE HER. And her odd cream cheese addiction. She makes us cream cheese sandwiches all day erry day. And cream cheese on crackers. And we literally eat dinner at 10 pm every day. Like full blown meal. Apparently thats norm here…
The apartment we live in we took over form Elders, so its a bit dirty. Black mold growing in the ceiling. The toilet was broken. We have no purified agua. But hey thats life you know. Lol So today we are gonna buy some water so hallelujah on that front. I havent been able to get the warm water to work in the shower so you know ice cold showers everyday in the already freezing apartment bc no heat. Hahaha promise Im not trying to complain I absolutely love it here.
OUR WARD IS THE BEST THING. I already feel totally adopted. The photos that were sent to you were when I was in the house of a member who I LOVE. Their family lived in utah for 12 years, and so it felt like a little piece of america while we were there. We actually taught the boyfriend of their daughter while we were there. SUCH A GREAT LESSON. Please pray for him. His name is Leo, and I have total certainty he will be baptized, he just needs to realize an answer.
We have lots of other great pesquisadores, but I dont have time to write about them all. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
-Sister Whiting
PS I had lunch with a member yesterday who was talking about how much she loved Elder Hardy from Utah. Small world!

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