The Week the Iron Hand Failed me.

First of all, I am not Sister Whiting anymore. Well I am. But not pronounced (White-ing) pronounced Why-tching. I have literally started to introduce myself as this because I give up on correct pronunciation.

Last week we went to the Porto Alegre Temple. Gorgeous! Reminded me a lot of Boise which was nice and like a little piece of home. Like always, we struggle making it back to Montenegro from Porto Alegre. Our bus from São Leopoldo to Montenegro was not going to come until CRAZY late so we got a ride with a member of another ward and stayed with the Sisters in Portão.
Our toilet likes to have issues. About twice a week it totally just breaks down on us and we have to hope an investigator will let us teach a lesson and use the bathroom afterwards. One day this week we couldnt wait. And we have the keys to the church, so we ran to the church to use the bathroom there. Problem solved right ?? Well. We were leaving and every building every house here has gates and locks. We spent 20 MINUTES TRYING TO LOCK THE CHURCH GATE. And literally as we locked it the bishop pulled up to UNLOCK IT and go into the church…. Sigh.
We had our first splits and I went with Sister Dodge to Timbauva. Was pretty cool! It made me miss Montenegro….. hahaha but still was good.
I had chimarrão for the first time this week. Was absolutely disgusting the first time, but once I got to time number four in two days I adjusted…. Google it. And be grateful we dont have it in the US… hahah defs not a huge fan, but now I can at least drink it.
friday we had lunch with the Stake President. Churrasco! MMMMM. Basically massive bbq. CRAZY good. Like crazy good. Mission goals? Learn how to cook this stuff, and come home and have some for my return party. Look forward to this.
Now. Pesquisadors….
Last week I asked you all to pray for Leo. And we definitely have felt those prayers. Leo has received an answer, and this week we will teach him again. We are shooting for a baptismal date of July 10thso he doesnt feel rushed and we can teach all the lessons. He is such a good guy with such a good heart. We KNOW he will be baptized. \
Kimberly turns 8 this week and wants to be baptized like her older siblings were a few weeks ago, so we will be teaching her all the discussions to have her baptized July 10th as well.
Yesterday we were clapping at gates and this 18 year old girl stopped us and asked if we were with the church. Our answer was obviously yes, and she went on to tell us she had been baptized in years past. Her siblings too. And then she asked US if we would walk with her to her house and teach her family. Um DUH YES. So we did. And her and her sister Ashley are coming to church this week. Yay!
Juliano and Carina are very dear to our hearts. Their children were recently baptized, but they need to be married before they can be baptized. Juliano is still married to his other wife and they need to file for divorcement. So that is this weeks goal. Tonight we have FHE with them and we can establish this goal. When we first had an appointment at their house they had this HUGE sign for us saying welcome. And we had chimarrão and ate sweet bread and biscoitos and it was just so tender. The people here are so thoughtful.
SAMY AND ROMANO HOLY MIRACLE. We encountered Samy last week and it was actually a referral. But a referral for her mom not her. Anyways. This week we went to her house to teach her and her family and I literally felt like Ammon with King Lamoni because they were treating us like the Great Spirit. Like I felt like I was teaching members. They were SO accepting and SO excited. We returned the next day and they read and prayed and discussed and both received answers. Romano is very loyal to his other church so thats one struggle. And they also need to be married. So definitely keep them in your prayers. They are so incredibly sweet.
This week was a good one. And I will try to figure out how to send pictures right now. But I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have a great week! 🙂

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