There can be miracles…. (Also happy two months to me!)

Hello friends and fam!

First off apologies for the title of last weeks email, The Week the Iron Hand Failed me, because I realized this week I never explained it ?? So a big whoops on that account. For those who havent served missions, we cant hug people of the opposite gender. Some times, other people dont realize this and will go in for a hug (or here in Brazil, they will go in for a kiss too…). So when this happens we stick our hand out for a handshake FAST. Anyways… So last week we were teaching Romano and at the end of our lesson we were all saying goodbye, and that man just went in for a hug on Sister Pedrosa and I dont think it registered in her mind bc she totally hugged him, and Im standing there like oh hey what do I do about this struggle ?? So I hugged him too. So the Iron Hand epically failed me. Sigh….
Last Monday we had family home evening with Juliano and Carina. What a SWEET family. Their daughter Julia painted my nails, and then we all ate churrasco. Ah churrasco. I had churrasco like three times this week. Some people say they feel like they ate a cow, well I´m pretty sure I ACTUALLY ate an entire cow this week. Also a chicken. And a heck of a lot of chicken hearts…
Tuesday we had one FANTASTIC dia. We taught a fourteen year old boy named João who is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Im mega stoked to return there and teach him again. And like all normal people in the world, we celebrated our good day full of lessons with food. Sister Pedrosa bought pizzas, and brownies. Well struggle our oven doesn’t work so we microwaved pizzas. Like Papa Murphys pizzas. But hey it worked and Im not complaining. Pizza here is SOOOOO good.
Wednesday was FAN FLIPPING TASTIC (aka better than Tuesday). We taught the Restoration to a couple and oh man lets talk about the Spirit for a sec. I LOVE watching the Spirit work in people. Its like for a split second they are so excited for the potential life change that could take place. Its truly beautiful. We also taught Leonardo again. And he expressed his desire to be baptized…so friends and fam…. PREPARE FOR BAPTISM PHOTOS NEXT WEEK. We literally could not be more happy for him. His baptism is Saturday, and the baptism for Kimberlyn(a sister of another family that was baptized a couple months before we arrived) is Sunday. I am definitely looking forward to this weekend. But after our lesson with Leo, the Luchi family fed us pizza and cake. I love the Luchis soooo sooo much. They spent 12 years in America, so sometimes I can catch a glorious glimpse of the language of English. Marvelous.
Sister Castro and I had a division this week together in Timbauva. Ugh. She taught me so so much about how to teach. We had a lesson with a girl named Rosie and I just told her about her individual worth and she broke down and bawled and bawled and hugged me and it was so beautiful to watch the Spirit work in me. I didnt do that to her. It was defs the spirit. Then we were praying for a family to teach and mark baptism dates with. And we ran into this woman, asked if we could teach a fast lesson, we taught for five minutes asked for baptism AND HELLO MIRACLES SHE DIDNT EVEN HESITATE. And then we taught her and her daughter all of the Restoration and they both want baptism. Ugh… I love missionary work.
Yesterday was Sunday. We had ward council. I made mistakes. What mistakes you may ask?? Well. Remember the glorious tale of chimarrão from last week? Well Marco and Isabel Luchi decided to share their chimarrão with me. I LITERALLY DRANK 9 CUPS OF CHIMARRÂO IN 90 MINUTES. For those of you doing the gallon of water a day challenge, Im pretty sure I put you to shame yesterday. Because you know, I had chimarrão with lunch too. And then it was like this freakishly odd hot temperature so I was downing waterbottles. Pretty sure my bladder grew from a small to a large but hey thats life.
The mission is the most wonderful thing in the whole entire world. I wouldnt change a thing. For those sisters out there even contemplating a mission? GO GO GO. My life has already changed SO much. And you will not regret it one bit. Promise.
Love you all tons!
Sister Whiting

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