Chicken Hearts

Hey fam! Sorry for the short email last week. This one should definitely be a titch longer.

So idk if I wrote about this last week but the internet house we were writing at literally wiped all my photos of the first two months of my mission so hey thats depressing, but at least it was only 2 months?? Next week I will receive a cord to actually send pictures and videos so you all have that to look forward to!
I hit up the hospital in Novo Hamburgo because I was definitely not feeling too hot. Turns out I had a bacterial infection in my gut probably due to drinking chimarrão with too many people so ew thats disgusting and i am terrified of chimarrão but such is life ?? So after I was informed of this this woman rambled a bunch of portuguese i didnt understand, but what i did understand is i needed to go to this certain room without sister pedrosa, so ever so terrified i head there and its a room with 6 chairs. With people. WITH TONS OF NEEDLES IN THEM OH MAN I FREAKED. But casually I sat down and thought of all the horrible things that could potentially take place. As most people know I have small veins, so as usual it took 2 people and 4 different stabs until they found a vein so you know. But as soon as that needle was in me the room started spinning and I started thrashing with uncomfort and oh man it was horrible. But then I fell asleep until my IV ran out so hey alls well that ends well right? Afterwards I felt like the energizer bunny. Idek what they shot up me but man it was nice. Now Im on a bunch of meds, but at least I am feeling better ???
Yesterday Sister Pedrosa and I encountered a very drunk man. I thought we should run the other direction because being robbed and beaten wasnt really on my bucket list. But Sister Pedrosa handed me her stuff, walked right up to the man helped him up and gave him a long lecture on why drinking was bad. Literally died laughing.
Also this week I had lunch with a sister in the ward. I like chicken hearts when they are grilled. Not when they are boiled. Defs a no go. This was also the day after the hospital and I couldnt bear to think about eating certain things. Like boiled chicken hearts. And as luck would have it, boiled chicken hearts it was. I could not even fathom eating those disgusting things. So, when this sister was looking at my comp and not me ?? I am almost embarrassed about this… I snuck them into the pockets of my dress… whoops… but hey hallelujah that i wore a dress with pockets ?? Afterwards I showed sister pedrosa and basically i am the joke of the mission. Lol
I gained some new titles in the mission. Sister Animação or Sister Excitement. Hahaha I am just so so so excited about missionary work! I love it! Also, my Zone leader calls me the GH sister. Basically it means I like to work, and am very good with the whole numbers aspect. So its a good thing. Apparently I am one of two in the whole mission ??? I dont understand how people dont like to work. Like literally our purpose as missionaries is to work crazy hard, so this I shall continue to do.
Our goal this week is to continue finding new people to teach! We taught Claudia and Natasha this week. They are so gold! They both have received answers the church is true, so we will continue encouraging church attendance. I love you guys! Have a great week!

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