“Sister Whiting wept”

Oi friends! Family!

This keyboard is not friendly so my original long email I had planned will get cut short.
Funny story: Last week we had lunch with a member of the ward who kinda lives out in the hood. During lunch we heard this LOUD noise. I asked the sister what it was, and she calmly explained that it was normal. And it was a bomb ?!?! Apparently the neighbor doesnt like dogs but has a lot in her yard…so she sets off bombs every so often to scare them away…. uh k.
This week we had a conference in Porto Alegre. President is so proud of me. Like its been 4 days and I still feel validated. On two different occasions he told me how great my Portuguese is. The last time, he congratulated me and actually used the word perfect when describing my Portuguese. What a blessing to be fluent with only one transfer in the field! But I definitely have my other struggles, but its nice to have the peace of already knowing the language.
PEOPLE. UGH. I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE. Lets talk about a few miracles. We prayed for families legally married for weeks. And we found three in two days. Talk about miracles. One family, the man, Vinicius, his mom is a member in a different ward. He asked if she sent us. Lol nope. Just the Lord.
You guys remember Samy? We finally got in contact with her again. I was with a different sister, and she straight up bore her testimony to this other sister and man almost cried. She is so strong. People have been persecuting her like no other, but her faith continues to grow. All she wants is for her husband to join the church, so help a sister and her investigator out and start praying that the heart of Romano will soften and he will accept the gospel.
Claudia is the same thing as Samy. She loves the gospel and has a testimony, we just need her in the church.
Sorry this is short… but I love you all so much! Got my camera back today so next week should be full of photos. I hope. lol. Have a great week!
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