One miracle and lots of pictures

So I thought Id pass on a little miracle this week, and then send lots of photos. If the photos arent in my email, I shall assume that my family will post them on the blog.

This week we met a woman named Engracia. She is 75 years old and totally adorable. We taught the restoration, and she accepted a date for baptism. Her husband was VERY sick, and stayed in his room. Sunday we went to pick her up for church and she said she couldnt because her husband was still sick and she had to stay with him. I promised her that if she would make the sacrifice to come to church, God would take care of her husband. And that he certainly did. We returned there a few hours after church was over to teach again and her husband was healed. We taught both of them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they both accepted a date for baptism. They are seriously so incredible. They have been married 53 years now, and have how many kids? Oh yes. TWENTY THREE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL FAM. K so 20 of them are adopted, but literally TWENTY THREE CHILDREN. Lets all take a moment to imagine this temple sealing… I certainly hope I can be there one day. Maybe in Spirit, but I definitely want to be there. Oh the miracles of missionary work.
Have a great week everyone!
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