Holy hannah banana how I already hit 3 months, I know not so. This week was a rough one and I am definitely feeling some humility. And also gratitude for everything I have.

Some weird food things. Literally I cannot eat chicken heart. And as luck would have it yesterday, we had chicken heart for lunch. But not the normal little ones but huge ones with arteries sticking out. Almost vomited. But I kept strong and ate a few. Also had tapioca for the first time and I am pretty sure its just styrofoam. But, on a good food front I had a churro and I think my life changed from the wonderful goodness.
Now as for why the week was tough. We had SO MANY PROMISING PEOPLE. People we felt that would definitely be baptized this month. We fasted for three specific families. And this, is what went down.
AnaLucia- Her mother-in-law was in town and doesnt like other religions so they couldnt come to church. Very sad. But we are still holding out hope.
Junaína, Vitoria, e Amanda- Junaína, a woman with 30 years called her mother and her mother said she cant change religions. Um okay. That is the lamest excuse if I have ever heard one. So we had to discontinue them.
Engracia- SHE KNOWS THE CHURCH IS TRUE. But she says that one day she will join, but she cant right now bc the timing isnt right. I literally cried bc this broke my heart. I love this woman so much, but she has to make the choice for herself.
While it was a tough week, it was also incredible. We got to go to the temple in Porto Alegre! Also my first baptism, Leonardo, BLESSED THE SACRAMENT. I literally feel like his mom sometimes bc I have so much pride for him. He is so so so strong in the gospel it just warms my heart thinking about it.
Also, last Sunday we AnaLucia´s son was very sick and received a blessing. Monday, we ran into her and she said his fever went away almost immediately and he slept through the whole night. So now she has a testimony of the Priesthood, and hopefully we are moving closer to baptism.
I sure love you all lots and lots! Thanks for your support!

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