The Week I Taught a Leper

Hello friends and family!

This week was definitely adventure. And I think this next week will be an adventure too. Based on the fact that we woke up at 2 am to find our apartment flooding…. but it was some valve that had too much water pressure so the problem is fixed now, and we already cleaned out all the water. Now everything is just drying… hahah dont you just love adventures??
This week we had a conference in Porto Alegre which was WAY cool. Also had interviews with the President. Oh how I love President Campos. He is a man of such love, and also very into obedience. Reminds me a lot of my dad.
Yesterday was a day of cake. Three people fed us cake, and then we got home and Sister Pedrosa decided to make cake too. hahah Earlier this week I mastered the American cookie here in Brazil. With paçoca and dark chocolate. It was the bomb dot com.
So toilet paper here is really really expensive. So we steal from the church. And its funny bc its like this huge roll that doesnt fit on the toilet paper dispenser…. I took a photo for you all… hahah
Now heres the DL about the people… We found a cute little family this week. The womans name is Ana. They were baptized 4 years ago and need to be sealed. So forget baptism! My purpose here is sealing this family together! We found a man, Ruben, who has LOTS of questions about the gospel. All the right ones, bc we have all the answers. I am way pumped to start teaching him. Also we found the most incredible family who has a bakery and five children and OH MAN I CANT DESCRIBE THE LOVE I ALREADY HAVE FOR THEM. Giovani and Eliana. Please pray for them! We need to get them married first, and then we shall continue on! Also pray for Eva and Engracia. Both of them have already gone to church with us and could be baptized this week…. Ah the miracles here.
Also had a division with Sister Castro in Timbauva this week. One of their investigators was a leper. And she just cried and we held her hands and it was one of the saddest most beautiful things in my life. To see something so broken inside, yet have so much faith in Jesus Christ. In that moment I felt a smidge of the love Jesus Christ has for all of us and oh man. How grateful I am.
I love you all lots! Have a good week!

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