The weeklyyyy

Hey friends and fam! A quick email about my week.

This week we had lunch with the Luchis, you know the family that speaks fluent English? Well they asked me to pray over our food in english. SOS fam bc i forgot how to pray in english and oh man i am still embarrassed, but its all good. the food got blessed, and i got humbled. So all is well that ends well??
Also this week one of our pesquisadores who is of the male species caught me off guard and kissed my cheek and I am defs still feeling awkward about it…. i do not want to have to explain to him that that is a no go, just imagine how awkward that is gonna be ??
As for our investigators… Eliana and Giovani with their 5 children are still golden. They didnt go to church with us yesterday, so that was a tad sad.But Eliana says she knows the church is true, she just doesnt wanna hop in the waters of baptism unless she is doing it with the whole fam, so we are working with her husband and oldest son right now. But they are so sweet. Saturday morning we taught the Plan of Salvation over breakfast sandwiches and tea. Perfection.
Eva didnt go to church yesterday because her friend is opening up a church ??? Satan is hard at work here friends…. But slowly and surely all will be well. Engracia is also well and wants to come to church with us, but her husband wont permit it. So thats mega sad, but i have faith one day she will come with us again.
And then there is the beloved AnaLucia. We met her our first day here. She and her sons came to a church activity saturday. her son Rodrigo made TONS of friends with the young men, and didnt want to leave. Irmã Eliane befriended AnaLucia. And they got along great. Fave moment was when Eliane said, Are you going to church tomorros?? You have to go two times to get baptized.” LOLOL Defs was awkward hahaha And they did come to church and absolutely loved it. Oh miracles are real. Please continue to pray for her so she will have a desire to be baptized.
Well fam. Thats about my week. I love you all tons and tons. Included are some photos of some girls we took with us to lessons, and also me with Eliane and her husband. oh how i love this ward! have a great week!

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