It is still winter here and i have tan lines….

Hello family! It is still winter in brazil, and the sun has come out to play something fierce. After only one day, I have lovely tanlines. I will have to take pictures next week…. But right now its raining cats and dogs… so you know. Crazy weather.

We had an awesome activity this week! We had a dessert auction with fake money that the members earned by inviting people to church, passing referrals to us, and things like this. It was very successful and we are feeling quite happy about it. We had investigators show up too. So it was way cool!
We visited Carina this week. The poor lady is mega pregnant and on bed rest. She is anemic and definitely feeling loss of strength. So I made her juice, while sister pedrosa whipped out some soup. And then she asked for a massage. Sister Pedrosa is still developing those talents… i speak from experience… hahah so i went in, and she handed me this peanut oil and told me to go at it. So basically I feel like a professional now lol
We had a few pretty awesome miracles this week. With the activity we had, we received quite a few referrals. We went to visit one named Marilei. Her sister was there too. I thought we should teach the restoration, and when i opened my mouth to say that this is what we would teach, the words the Plan of Salvation came out. Um okayyy. So we taught the Plan of Salvation and afterwards this woman told us she knows that we were sent from God because it was exactly what she needed to hear. and she wants to change her life. So hi miracle.
We are also teaching a 9 year old girl Rafaelli, who wants to get baptized no matter what. And one day she wants to be a sister missionary. Her grandma already is a member, but we decided to start teaching her mom too. When we taught the first vision, the Spirit testified so strongly to me that it was true. How grateful I am for little moments like this that strengthen our testimonies!
Leonardo had a moment like this too. Oh how I love watching my recent converts strengthen their testimonies. He made a mistake, started praying and basically the spirit just overwhelmed with peace and forgiveness. I truly know that we can always be forgiven. No matter what we do. The love of Christ is absolutely perfect. I started reading Jesus the Christ and it is changing my life.
One last quick miracle. One day we went to teach Rafaelli, and she wasnt home so we taught her neighbor Adriano. He declared he was firm in the baptist faith and wouldnt want more. but we left a message with him. and the next day returned to teach Rafaelli. When he saw us, he grabbed his bible, and ran into rafa’s house totally pumped to receive another lesson. So we shared a book of mormon with him and its like hes already converted ?? So miracles are definitely real. I love the mish so much. And also all of you. Thanks for your love and support!

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