Oh me oh my

Hi fam! This week we definitely saw miracles. Some were miracles you wouldnt necessarily expect. Like this one. Monday was a sad day. My last pday with Sister Pedrosa. We decided to work during the afternoon, and have p day at night with the Luchis. All day I was craving french fries fam. ALL DAY. And Isabel called and asked if she should buy anything for us at the store, and I forgot and said no. Then we showed up at their house and she made us these cute little sandwiches that were delicious. And after… SHE ASKED IF WE WANTED FRENCH FRIES. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. She said she had a random thought to buy french fries at the store and she did. Miracles are real fam.

You guys remember the story of my pockets and the chicken hearts? Well. The pockets helped this sister out again. We had lunch with a sweet sister in the ward who made us some kind of cow meat with the skin still on it and fam I will be real I could not down it. So the pockets had to help me out again… Really I am embarrassed that I do this. I should probs learn to just eat it. But it will continue to be a good story one day ????
I took my first taxi this week in Porto Alegre. Oh my how expensive. But I guess its better to arrive there and well and safe then be robbed and other horrible things right ?? We had a conference in Porto Alegre which was great! At the end, President told us to look into the eyes of our comp and share our testimonies. Sister Pedrosa and I cried for 5 minutes before we could even get words out. How grateful I am for my trainer and the wonderful opportunity I had to serve with her in Montenegro.
Last night we received phone calls about the transfer. Sister Pedrosa will be a Sister Trainer Leader! Que orgulho! I really was trained by the best. And I? Well…. I WILL TRAIN A NEW MISSIONARY. I am so so nervous. Only 4 months in the mission and I literally just finished my training. But how grateful am I to know that God will always provide a way when He asks things of us. I will go and do the things the Lord commands. Really. Anything. He ALWAYS provides a way.
One last little tidbit of my week. Yesterday we taught Gilmara with Sister A Santos. We talked more about baptism, and Gilmara felt the Spirit with such a force that she just bawled. She wants to be baptized so badly. So hopefully I can hop on that train and help her out. I am so grateful for baptism. And I know that baptism with authority is really the only baptism that permits us into the kingdom of God. Oh how I love the gospel, and oh how I love all of you! Have a great week! I will send more pics next week!
Sister Whiting

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