First off lets talk about my cute new companion Sister Araújo. She is from Fortaleza, Brasil. She has a deathly fear of dogs aka it is hilarious here because there are dogs absolutely everywhere. She likes to have cookies and milk for breakfast, and also yesterday we discovered she does not like chimarrão. But I mean, really who does like it the first time around ?? We were sitting in a lesson and there exists rules with chimarrão. One rule is that you have to drink it ALL and pass it to the next person. Well she looked over at me after one sip to signal the SOS and to help her out, so when our investigator got up to leave the room I downed that whole coelha of chimarrão in one gulp and passed it back before the investigator came back in the room. Lol ah memories of the mission. Also She has the sweeeeeeetest spirit and people just open up to her. So really. She is great.

We had our devotional with Elder Andersen this week! it was grand. he talked a lot about how we need to work with the members less actives. Because really if we want the church to grow, they would be a good place to start. With missionaries we have a responsibility to help people to endure to the end too, so we need to do more with that. When he shared his testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ the spirit was soooo strong. I know He lives. Really really. Also I got to be the chorister and I was so excited to be leading the music in front of an apostle of the Lord that I had this huge grin and everyone laughed at me afterwards whoops.
Então. This week we really found an eleito. Someone totally ready for the gospel. Last week Diego showed up in the church for Sunday school. K sweet we picked up his address and decided to head to his house this week. Things happened and we ended up deciding to wait to see him at church again. We ran into him before church and he said he was heading there and we would meet him there after picking up other investigators. He said that was chill so we left. When we got to church he wasnt there ??? So we decided to go find his house after lunch. We only had the street name so we had a plan to clap at all the driveways in this street. Lucky us because he was literally outside waiting for us. We started talking about the gospel and oh man he is SO excited about the gospel. Sister A didnt even have a chance to make the baptism invite. We hadnt even talked about the apostasy yet. he was just all, I want to follow you guys! I want to be a part of this church! hahahaha he is literally so stoked to get baptized on the 25th of September. And we are so excited for him. Please pray for him! And for us. That we can continue to find people eleito here in Montenegro, and help people return to church. Speaking of prayers, also pray for Juliano and Carina. THEY ARE SO CLOSE TO MARRIAGE. Its just a battle of documents and then they can be baptized. For one year they have been waiting for baptism. They have gone through so many missionaries already. They have such a love for us and we have such a love for them.
Oh friends and family how a mission is truly the most marvelous thing in the whole world. Look for opportunities to serve wherever you are. I love you all!

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