I was interviewed by a member of the 70 ?????

Hello friends and family! This week I literally worked the hardest I have ever worked in my life. To the point where I was so emotionally, and physically exhausted I cried almost every day. Lol. The life of a missionary. But really I just love these people so much that it breaks my heart. The norm. We had mission tour this week with ALL of the missionaries in the mission. It was SOOOOOO cool! Oh my. SO SO SO cool. Elder Rais, the member of the 70 that was there, asked to interview me ?? He asked why I chose to serve a mission and I told him the whole story of the dream and the lady in the green dress. He told me to write him when I find her so hey who knows maybe I will be in general conference one day…

We discovered our investigator Diego has problems with the Word of Wisdom, so right now we are helping him to stop smoking. My first problem with this in 4.5 months of the mission! Whoo hoo! I am excited to learn this process and help more people when I get home. He should be baptized in two weeks.
Rafaelli should be baptized this Sunday. We are SO excited for her! We are gonna go make cookies with her and invite her to be baptized this Sunday. She always says she wants to be a sister missionary one day, and this will be the first step. So keep her in your prayers for sure!
My favorite miracle of this week was Ana. So. We have a neighbor, or rather someone that lives behind our apartment. And they have 20 or more dogs that bark ALL NIGHT. Its ridiculous. But….. we keep running into them in the street and talking to them and its all good. So yesterday we decided to go teach them. Ana, the woman living there cried through the whole lesson. It was so special. I am so excited to continue to teach them.
Carina will have the baby soon! And then they will be married and baptized! Whoo! I love them so much… Juliano and Carina. I think I will spend my birthday with them. Seriously. They are like other family.
I love you all tons! Thanks for your support!
Sister Whiting

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