Hello family! This week was an adventure for sure…. Yesterday we had lunch with a young family in the ward and their son started vomiting everywhere during lunch. Definitely an adventure. Also during one of our lessons, our investigator tried to hold my hand.. uh SOS. So we cut him right there on the spot. Like cut him from being our investigator. Not like literally. hahah

Also enjoyed lots of parties this week. We had Carinas baby shower. It was definitely enjoyable. Also, we had 2 family home evenings this week. One with Eva, Felipe, and Leo. They are less actives that we LOVE ridiculously. We will return there on Thursday for Evas birthday. We also had FHE with Christine and her husband and son. Her 4 year old son Ryan speaks English with me. Its hilarious because he learned on his own ?? Its ridiculous really. We also had the birthday party of Julia. Carina asked us to make a cake for her. And we did! It ended up being like the leaning tower of pisa…. whoops. But Sister A has the magic touch and fixed that thing right up. Lol.
Sad things about the week. We taught Gilmara the commandments. Chastity and word of wisdom were a no go for her. She laughed through the whole thing. And does not want to be baptized any more…. and it looks like she wont let her daughter be baptized either…. i cried i was so sad. Like how sad when you love someone so much and they dont want to accept the blessings of the gospel. Heartbreak for sure.
Buttttt on a happier note. We are opening a new area here in Montenegro. A new neighborhood that is in the country. We went there yesterday and literally every door we clapped at, with the exception of one, let us share a message. MIRACLES ARE REAL FAM.
Also the coolest thing of my mish… two weeks ago we were making contacts in the street and we encountered two young folk who invited us to teach a group of youth in their house. so this week we went and taught like 10 youth the restoration of the gospel. they were all taking notes, and the spirit was SO STRONG. Literally the coolest thing I have done. And then after they invited us to return this week! So tomorrow I will pick up 10 book of mormons to distribute to them all and to read with them! Please keep this in your prayers!
I love you all tons! Thanks for your love and support! Beijos!
Sister Whiting

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