Sister Whiting fell that funny stories might be….

Well. Hello friends. Its official. I tripped flat on my face for the first time in my mission. It was dark and we were walking and there was this HUGE hole in the sidewalk that I tripped in and oh man it was ugly. And there was blood. But hey now its just a funny story right ??

Second of all, my birthday was incredible! Special thanks to all of you and your kind emails. I definitely feel loved. Here in Montenegro I felt loved too. 4 PARTIES. First off had lunch with Irmã Eliane who fed us well. And she made a delicious cake for me. Second of all we visited some less active members. Eva, Felipe, Leo and their family. Ugh I love them. They made me a huge cake, pudding, and salgadinhos. And then they let me take them all home. And Eva bought me a beautiful necklace. Afterwards we headed to Juliano and Carina´s where they also bought me a HUGE cake. HUGE. At this point I was definitely feeling the need to puke. Really. It was worse than Thanksgiving. I was trying to plan my puke spot in the street while I was eating. But hey it was the thought that counted because how can someone be so lucky to feel so loved on their birthday. Then after all this we went to a meeting at the church. Or what I thought was a meeting. That ended up being the lamest 5 minute meeting of my life. Then after Isabel said we needed to sing with the YW for mutual so hey we head to the RS room and she opens the door and its dark and i see like 50 heads. And I totally knew what was coming. They turned on the lights and sang happy birthday in Portuguese. AND THEN ALL IN ENGLISH AFTERWARDS. HOW LOVED CAN ONE PERSON FEEL?!?! MY WHOLE WARD HAD A SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME. CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?!?!?!? Really. It was one heck of a good bday.
We also got a new Zone Leader who called this week and asked what spots we had open in our Planner. I told him between 3-330. He told me to put there that we would find a mom with 2 kids. I laughed and said sure. WELL AT 3:05 WE FOUND A MOM WITH TWO KIDS HOLY MIRACLES.
Also Mateus should be baptized on Sunday so defs pray for him. He is so special. He is 21. And he reads the book of mormon every night until 130… hahah he is really gold. He came to church yesterday and loved it! He already has made so many friends.
Friends and fam. I love the mish. It is the greatest thing I have ever done. If you are contemplating to go serve? GO. You wont regret it. Love you all!
Sister Whiting

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