Hailey’s Letter 10-17-16

This week was an adventure. Lots of finding people but not the right ones. Friday we went to Porto Alegre to close the first six weeks of Sister Araújos training! It was way good. We took lots of pictures. I shall send a few. One of them I am only sending because I find it hilarious. I would just like to clarify that even though it looks like I am holding that one Elder´s hand, I am not. Hahahahh I was friends with his brother in the CTM. So we took a picture to send to him. Its always an adventure in Porto Alegre. We eat in a REALLY nice restaurant, and then we all return by train and bus to our areas.

A little miracle of the week. So Mateus who has been reading the book of mormon and going to church, his girlfriend is crazy. She hates us. Always saying horrible things to us and Mateus when we stop by. We decided to send Alvin there alone to see if he could clear the air a bit. He called us later that night and said he talked to BOTH of them. And taught a lesson, invited for baptism, the whole 9 yards. And she accepted. Um what. Then we show up at church on Sunday and she was there! Afterwards she told us she wants to serve a mission um kay. Miracles are a real thing friends.
Also Sunday at church President Campos and his family were there. And we had NOT ONE investigator. So we sat all sad and embarrassed. AND THEN DURING THE OPENING SONG THREE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS WALKED IN. Pure joy really.
This week Juliano and Carina will get married and then baptized. I love this work. It is absolutely incredible.
Thanks for all of your love and support! And patience with my English… because its starting to get ugly…. hahah
Sister Whiting

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