So this week rocked my socks off. Juliano and Carina were married on Friday, baptized on Saturday, and then confirmed on Sunday! Also Juliano received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! It was a weekend absolutely incredible! Carina is almost 9 months pregnant. We were a little scared that baby Davi was going to come before the baptism… but miracles happen and he waited. Hahah Carina said she felt the Spirit so strong. That the Elder who baptized her definitely was not strong enough to baptize her, but she felt someone else helping him. How special. And after the baptism, Juliano shared his testimony. They have waited over a year to be baptized! What a special day it was. Really. I am so grateful for this special family and the joy they bring to my family. Also they have a one eyed cat that I took a picture with. #random

You should all be way excited for me to come home and cook tons and tons of Brazilian food for you. Its like an addiction. I NEED rice with every meal. Beans too. And farofa. And potato salad. And lettuce with lime and salt. Oh man. I am having so many culinary adventures here. Its awesome.
Our other investigators are progressing every day. We are hoping to baptize Juliander this week. He is a friend of Carina’s daughter. He went to the baptism and to church. So here we go.
But I love you all lots and lots! Thanks for the support!
Sister Whiting

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