The waterfalls of Maratá

This week was pretty dang great! On P-day we went with Isabel and Alvin to see the waterfalls of Maratá. There were three. And they were gorgeousss! Afterwards we bought some cuca and returned home. Ugh. I love the members here. Especially the family of Isabel. They truly are like my second family.

Also had my first rain bath. Like literally bath. We were in the street and it started POURING. For 30 minutes. I was drenched… but it was funny ??
I started teaching an English class. Last week no one showed up. This week we had some people from the ward, and a member less active. I taught introductions. So hey that was cool.
Spiritual things of the week. Ugh. Montenegro is such a good area! Two weeks ago we started teaching Hector. A man from Chile. He makes us empanadas. But we taught him the first time and he just talked about all of his problems. His ex-wife hit his daughter a lot. Things really sad you know. So he moved and took the daughter with him. And he is really traumatized still and sad. So we returned there and tried to teach the restoration but he was still so absorbed in everything, so we taught forgiveness and left a book of mormon. We returned there yesterday with the plan to cut him. We showed up and he started crying and saying that hes ready to forgive his ex-wife. That the Book of Mormon changed his perspective about everything. My testimony of the book of mormon grew a LOT. I am so grateful for the power of that wonderful book and the testimony it is of our Savior.
Also we have been helping a family of less actives return. We tried to find one of their records. And we couldnt find it. So he has to be baptized again. When we had to tell him this news, we were so nervous…. but when we told him, he was so excited for the opportunity to be baptized again! I know that baptism really is a privelege. And while many of us have already had this opportunity, we can take the sacrament every week and receive the same blessings. I love all of you lots and lots! Thanks for your support! I will send lots of pictures next week!
Sister Whiting

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