Tranfers, Life in Lindoia, and my new area of Ivoti!

Oh friends. This week was absolutely INSANE. I was transferred Tuesday morning to the city of Porto Alegre. So literally in the center of the fifth largest city in brazil. I stayed there one week before being transferred today to the city of Ivoti. So first, a little about my week in Lindoia.

We had 6 SISTERS in the same area. It was crazy. Imagine being the poor lady in the ward making lunch… but they all did. And oh man the food here is dang good! We taught a lot of less actives this week. And many of them went to church on Sunday! There is one lady in the ward. Irmã Raquel. I love her to death. She is crazy. Like literally. She likes to prophesy things. So. all my fam in the US needs to prepare because yesterday she told us that in 5-6 months The USA will have a delicate situation and will need to receive food from Brasil. Also she said I will be a diplomat one day. And that Donald Trump will be the greatest president the united states has ever had. And one day he will take over the world… bahahahah my first day there with sister araujo, she told her, “dont forget to go to college! the american, i am not worried about. shes american. they train them well there. but you? study!” hahahah we died laughing. I also had lots of men ask to be my boyfriend. Eyeroll…. and I made friends with all the workers of subway! They were all so excited i was american that they basically wouldnt let me leave. they wanted to keep talking and talking. hahahahah so it was an adventure of a week.
This morning, president and sister Campos drove us to my new area of Ivoti. My companion is Sister Costa. She has 9 months of the mission, and is from Brasilia. Ivoti is an area that hasnt had missionaries for a long time. But Sister Campos wants to send us there to ‘change the story of the city of Ivoti’. Sister Costa and I are beyond excited for the new adventures that wait for us here! And the challenges…. we only have lunch with the members one day of the week. Today we joked with president about having to baptize our lunches.. .like baptizing new people to feed us. we laughed for a long time about that. but seriously. we might have to. Sister Campos bought us a TON of new things for our house. Food too. hahah She is such a star. And now we have to head home to wait for the shipment of new things that will arrive there. And also to clean the walls and floors. The Elders that lived there months and months ago didnt clean when they left… ew…. but it will be an adventure!
I love all of you so much and am so grateful for your endless support! Have a great week! And prepare for pictures of this gorgeous city next week. It reminds me of C’ouer D’Alene… I dont know if i spelled that right. lol
sister whiting

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