My first week in Ivoti!

So. For sure I am in the most beautiful place I have ever been in my whole life. I think I am living in a fairytale. As much as I would love to say that I will send pictures, my camera died and I left my charger in Montenegro… I should receive it this week. hahaha

The branch here is little. But the members are sweet as can be. We arrived, and people brought us bread and milk. We ended up with 7 cartons of milk, and 5 loaves of bread…… hahah craziness but we can definitely feel the love!
This city has tons of incredible people. Really. I have never found so many quality investigators. And the members pass references like crazy! We eat at the same few members houses so it really provides an opportunity for us to get to know them.
I think the most spiritual thing of our week, was the opportunity to meet Thaís. She is 9 years old and has already been to like 4 other churches in this little town. And she goes ALONE. She went to an actiity in the church on saturday and loved it. and she loved primary on sunday! We are gonna work with her family too!
Thanksgiving will be this week. They dont celebrate it here in Brasil, but me and my comp will have a mini feast. hahaha
I am so grateful for everything I have! I am grateful for the loe of all of you! For this opportunity to serve the Lord!
Have a great week! And remember to be extra grateful this week. And after ? Make it a habit!
Sister Whiting

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