Jumping fences

So this week was a blast and a half. Man this city is small! So we have to find little ways to have fun. For example. Sister Costa and I like cemetaries. So we found one this week and walked around. This cemetary is on a hill. So we started going down this hill checking out gravestones. We saw a gate at the bottom thinking we could just leave there. But when we got there we discovered that we were wrong. and we were feeling crazy lazy and didnt wanna hike up the hill again. sooooo we had to hop the fence. in skirts. bahahah i got a little scraped up, but hey who doesnt like battle scars with a funny story ?

Thanksgiving was sad. We ate at home. I made a little thanksgiving dinner. With turkey. Rolls. And I MADE MAYO. For our potato salad. i feel cool now. hahah
as far as miracles go, Thais’s stepdad is letting her get baptized. So now, we just need to talk to her mom… so prayers are always appreciated! hahaha
This week we also found a family that is super super cool! They got here when we did. The Lord honestly prepared them for us. They went to church with us on Sunday! At church everyone talked about the temple, so now they have a desire to go there! But first… we are gonna have to help them get married! whoo hoo! they have been together since she was 13 and he was 18 ??? and they have two kids. One turned 8 yesterday…. what luck. hahah but really. they are awesome!
I am so grateful for the mission and all the little things its teaching me! I really could not feel more lucky for such an amazing mission president, companions, leaders, and most of all ? All of you and your endless love and support! Thank you!
I am trying to send pictures now, but we will see if they actually send….

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