The Invasion….

Lets not start to talk about all the creepy crawlies I dealt with this week. First of all we have these little ants that live everywhere. Also we have crazy mosquitos. We found a bunch of white little larva that live on our floors with is NASTY. Also yesterday on our porch we found a spider the side of my palm. And Sister Costa hit it with a broom, and from underneath it came literally hundreds of baby spiders. I have never been afraid of spiders. Until now. So I am terrified. I would like to move to an apartment. Hahaha

Our week was a big mix of things. We found a man who is a part of the Islam religion. Oh man he went at it with the pointed questions. He told us we shouldnt be missionaries because we dont know about the Bible and oh man it left Sister Costa a crying mess. But if anything, it left my testimony a lot stronger about Jesus Christ! He really is our Savior and is with us in moments like these.
Thaís should be baptized this week if her step dad will permit… please keep her family in your prayers. She really is one special girl! She already is memorizing articles of faith! hahah
Sabrina and Gustavo. Oh man. We got there last night and they were listening to romantic music and it was adorable and everything because generally they just fight. Hahah but they decided yesterday that they want to get married! whoo hoo! So i get to pull out my wedding planning skills and plan one in two weeks… and we hope they will be baptized on christmas! Oh man. Being a missionary is so great.
I sure love the mission. I cant ever imagine going home. Always search for opportunities to share the gospel! And you will find them!

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