The week of Insanityyyyy

So nothing too crazy happened this week. We talked with the parents of Thaís a million times so they would let her get baptized, but they think she is too young… Sigh…. So we will have to wait a bit on that one… Sabrina and Gustavo are beyond excited to get married. But they refuse to get married unless I am the witness… and here in Ivoti they wont let me be the witness. So they are starting to look at other cities hahahaha I sure love them.

Tuesday we went to the temple! Oh man. There really doesnt exist much more joy than that of being in the temple. And of course it was my favorite video… basically cried through the whole session.
Thursday we had a service project as a zone. We went to an elementary/middle school and sang. We sang one song all together that was a pretty sick mashup of Christmas hymns. And then i sang a solo. Silent Night. With an Elder playing the guitar. It was pretty cool if I do say so myself… hahaha
Friday I went to the doctor! He told me I need to start wearing tennis shoes as a sister missionary…. so thats gonna be interesting… President Campos is helping me to start looking for sister missionary appropriate tennis shoes. bahahahah After we had our branch Christmas dinner which was cool. We had a choir come and sing Christmas songs. In English. Once again cried. Man. Christmas on the mission is a challenge. hahah
Yesterday we had an awesome conference with all of Brazil. It was a transmission. And some general authorities spoke, including Elder Holland. He talked a lot about making our homes like the temple. Putting in practice things in the temple in our homes. Like practicing patience, love, and on and on. It was great!
The mission is really proving to be an adventure this transfer. I am learning lots and lots and lots. But I am so grateful for this opportunity!
Sister Whiting

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