casually falling from windows….

So our door officially gave out this week. We cant unlock it from the inside or the outside. We have resorted to entering and leaving our house by climbing through the window… and clumsy as I am, I fell this week… Nothing bad happened. I just scraped up my arm and gained another mission scar. I now have three. Hahaha

This week was pretty good. We had an ‘attack of the area’ and basically 3 more sets of elders came to our area to try and find new people! And oh man they found some new people that are crazy cool. One is Tiago. He is 14 years old. He already talked with another young man in the ward about wanting to be a ‘sister’ one day. bahahahaha how cute. but Tiago is great! We talked with him and his grandparents and marked baptism dates with them. When we asked his grandpa if he wanted to be baptized he said he was always catholic. and his wife said, what does that have to do with it?! if God says you need to do something, you do it! Bahahah shes crazy and we love her.
Sabrina and Gustavo. Oh man. We are still trying to mark their wedding. Its crazy. But this week sabrina cried and cried and cried saying she wants to get baptized and she wants to have her son baptized too. That every since we clapped at her front gate, we changed her life. We changed her thoughts about lots of things, and have really given her peace and happiness. Man I love being a missionary. Its the best thing in the whole world.
Merry Christmas to everyone! I sure love all of you lots and lots! Try to remember all the presents the Savior has already given us. Especially the Atonement. How grateful I am to know I am be clean of all my sins and one day return to His presence! And more yet, think of the presents we can give to our Savior this Christmas. I plan on giving more of my heart to Him. Serving how He served. And teaching how He taught. Full of love. What an incredible man. I cannot wait until the day I can find myself at His feet. I love you all!
Sister Whiting

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