okay okay I will send a long email….

Hello friends and family! Really. I am sorry for the lack of those long juicy emails with all the fun missionary stories that everyone loves. Today I will send one. Well. Lets talk about some of my investigators.

Tereza is a woman who lives with her 3 grandsons. Davi, Pedro, and Elder. Bahahah literally his name is Elder and it is the best thing in the world. Pedro and Elder are 10 and 9 years old. They go to church and all the activities and are great and will probably be baptized here in a month. They have to go to church 6 weeks in a row to be baptized. Tereza is incredible, but has lots of pains and doesnt think she could make it through one hour of sacrament meeting.. So it is a situation a little difficult. But we know that with time, faith, and friendship she will get there!
We are also teaching a woman called Erení. She is awesome! Her son is the boyfriend of a less active member. Erení used to do a lot of things with Spirits. Its a little weird. But she stopped and now she is receptive to spirits and seeing them and stuff. We taught her about the plan of salvation and stuff and she loved it. This week she also had a dream. A dream that she was in a dark place and she wanted to leave but no one would talk to her. Then she saw a light and was able to escape by following it. We told her about Lehi’s dream, and it ended up being crazy cool!
We also had an opportunity to have splits this week! Whoo hoo! I spent the day with Sister Hannah. Oh man. It gets crazy when you put two Americans together. We basically just talked about American food all day. LOL. We got back home and made donuts. Also, both of us never had an area with ‘favela’ or the hood. hahah but we found one in my area and worked there. Imagine two americans in a really poor neighborhood… but it ended up being incredible! Of the 10 houses we clapped at, 9 people accepted us! Whoo hoo!
We also have a young man, Romario, that was less active that is returning to church. He is 22. And we have started to talk to him about serving a mission! And I think he really wants to which is awesome. His mom isnt a member. Yet. 😉 We will help her get there!
Well I sure love you all lots and lots. Thanks for your endless support.
Have a great week!

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