The week I was called a liar

Oh man. This week was a rough one. I wont even lie. I cried a few times. But really I learned that God puts people in our lives for a reason. We were rejected by our favorite investigator Sabrina. She passed us and wouldnt even look at us. We taught a man who called us liars. And donkeys. And told us that we dont really follow Jesus Christ. In that moment my heart broke. It just broke completely. Yesterday after we spent all week working our tails off to have people at church to be baptized this week, no one went to church. No one. Literally 24 people in the branch. My heart broke even more. But how grateful I am for a District Leader who called last night and let me talk about my frustrations. And then, afterwards told me everything the Lord needed me to know. He told me about the blessings of the mission. How most of them come afterwards. He told me how impressed he is about young women who serve missions because it really isnt a commandment. We do it out of love. Man. The Lord really sends people when you need them.

This week we also had to run through a crazy tropical storm to get home. I didnt even have my umbrella with me. We ran 20 minutes through pouring rain, crazy wind, and a lightning and thunder storm to get home. I have never seen lightning so close to my face. bahaha
Also I thought I would write about our bffs here in Ivoti. Mareli and Rodrigo. The President of the RS and the Ward mission leader. They literally take such good care of us. We pass their house to use the bathroom, drink water, have a snack. They are incredible. And they are going to move to Canada. So after the mish if anyone wants to go to Toronto with me to visit them, you are sure invited. Hahaha
I sure love the mission and am grateful for all of the changes it has made in my life! And I am grateful for all of you and your support! Have a great week!

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