Welll…. since everybody is begging for an update…

Hello friends and family! I am truly sorry for the ridiculous two weeks without a letter, but oh my life has been crazy here. So… if I dont respond to your emails, or my responses are short, its because we have one hour to respond to everybody. You would think thats a lot of time, but it isnt. Hahah

This week was incredible! We truly saw some miracles. First off, I didnt get the opportunity to talk about last week. Last week we went to the temple! At the temple, I got a wonderful surprise… I saw my trainer Sister Pedrosa! Oh man. When I saw her in the temple I practically jumped in her arms. We cried and caught up. I am sure her and I will be friends forever. 🙂 So I am sending some pictures from the temple.
Also a picture of my watch tan. Isnt it nice? I am literally brown. I am trying to decide if its a bronzed brown or a dirty brown. You know? Like playing in the mud ?? Probs no one will recognize me when I get home… hahahah
Yesterday at church was one of the best days on the mish. Why? Well. We had 3 investigators there, and 4 less actives returned! We had 29 people in sacrament meeting! Thats one of the largest numbers I have seen since I got here! I am so grateful for these little miracles that really show us the love of the Lord for our work out here in the field!
Also… crazy announcement… WE WILL BAPTIZE ON SUNDAY. A 9 year old young man named Elder. Literally. Imagine when this kid serves a mission. Elder lives with his grandma and 2 older brothers. Next week his brother Pedro will get baptized and here in a month his other brother will get baptized. His grandma Tereza is very catholic and says she doesnt feel ready yet. So please keep them in your prayers! I could not be more thrilled for the blessings the Lord is pouring out upon us. I know the Lord lives. And that He loves all of us. Always remember that love and strive to show Him the same love!!!!
Sister Whiting

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