Baptisms, transfers, and everything in between

So first off the weather here this week was nuts. It poured rain randomly all week. There was a point where I felt the sun perfectly, yet it was pouring rain, and also there was a rainbow. At the same moment. Lol. Also this week as we were waiting for the transfer, we found ourselves extremely poor. Friday for lunch I ate rice with two eggs. Ah the mission life. Hahaha

Sunday was a day of miracles! We had 31 people at church! Thats the most I have seen since we got here! And another less active returned! Whoo hoo! I love these little blessings! After church we went to Mareli and Rodrigos and made tapioca for lunch. Mmmmm
Last night WE BAPTIZEDDDD. Miracles are officially real. We baptized a young man named Elder. Lol. Imagine when he serves a mission. He got there 15 minutes late with Theo, but hey at least he got there and was baptized. We let Renan baptize him, a young man in the branch who just turned 16. It was crazy cool. Elder swallowed some of the water poor kid…. and some weird random man walked in in the middle of it and the elders had to escort him out but hey stories you can tell in the future right ???
Also… I received some news…. I am being transferred! I feel a lot of mixed feelings about this, but I know its the plan of the Lord! I will go to São Franscico de Paula with Sister Velezmoro. There we will open the area! Whoo hoo! I am grateful for this new adventure and all the blessings the Lord is sending me!
sorry for the lack of pictures, today we didnt have time to stop in the picture to send them… but next week i will have LOTS!
Sister Whiting

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