Baptism. IN A LAKE.

So this week was incredible. It was so incredible that the President of the District here in Gramado called us to thank us for everything we were doing. Bah. I didnt even believe it. But it just goes to show that when we work hard, the Lord lets us see miracles 🙂 First off, a little about the area. I am serving in the city of Sao Francisco de Paula, or also Sao Chico. It is a little bit of the hood but its cute so I like it. Its a little bit more chilly here which I am definitely enjoying. Me and Sister Velezmoro live in an apartment on the fourth floor with a balcony and everything. We are definitely liking it. Sister Velezmoro is absolutely INCREDIBLE. She is also hilarious. I am so grateful for her and for all the strength she has given me this week. We really worked HARD. Here the branch is very new. Very very new. Like. Imagine the gospel principles class for all the recent converts? its literally the whole ward. LOL. Like everyone here was baptized in the last 1-3 years. So it has given us an opportunity to help even more. We are helping the new primary president, the relief society president, the elders quorum president. everybody. It really has been cool to be here this week. There is a LOT of work to be done and we are beyond happy to be helping. 🙂
So. First surprise. WE BAPTIZED! Like literally we both got here one week ago, and  the Elders talked about a girl who had a mom and sister who were members who goes to church every week but was never baptized? She already had her baptismal interview and everything. it just never happened. So we got there, asked her dads permission and he gave it! So she was baptized on Friday with a member of another branch here. And his dad is friends with her dad. So he baptized her. IN A LAKE. literally so cool. And it was at night so it was even cooler. Also funny side fact. Had 2 american couples there visiting and they tried to speak in english with me and they practically couldnt understand me anymore so i guess i am officially a lost cause. Lol @ me.
We also worked a lot with less actives this week. We had 4 young women return this week and a family that is absolutely incredible. So in total we had 9 less actives return! what a miracle!
The mother of this special family is absolutely incredible. Her name is Rose. We got there and she started to tell us everything that went wrong and why they stopped going. Basically it was because people didnt think about things they did. But in the end she started to cry because she felt so bad about drinking 3 cups of coffee since she left the church. And she felt bad about taking down all of their baptism pictures and pictures from the Liahona on the walls. She said she couldnt return because of things that had happened, but in the end we helped her to understand how important it was that she had these blessings. And really. She understood it. So, she set down her pride and brought her husband and three kids to church. Really. I have never known such an incredible family. They will be great leaders here in the branch.
I learned a lot this week. Lots and lots really. But I think the thing I learned the most is that the light ALWAYS comes. Sometimes we feel like we are treading through trials for weeks. Even months. But the blessings always come when we remain faithful. I sure love you all! have a great week!
Sister Whiting

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