The week of MIRACLES.

I literally saw miracles and angels in my life this week. This week taught me a lot about the fact that the Lord knows who we are, and He answers all of our prayers.

This week Sister Velezmoro and I were just walking in the street and this young women stopped me and told me to kiss her cheek. She was just pointing to her cheek and said kiss me here! (I know. It sounds weird. But its the culture here. We greet everybody kissing cheeks.) So I did, and asked her if she already had a chance to know some missionaries. She told me no. So I introduced me and my comp and she said her name was Mariana. She is 20. She is studying law and loves music and really really wants us to visit her… so we will visit her this week! It was literally a reference from God!
Also today I am in Porto Alegre. I arrived here yesterday. We found out I would have to make a little trip here Saturday night. We had to leave RIGHT after Sacrament meeting. We tried Saturday night to call the woman who would make us lunch to see if she could bring it to the chapel, but her phone was off. So we figured we would have to go without lunch. When I knelt to pray before bed I asked Heavenly Father to take care of our lunch on Sunday and I had a strong feeling that He had it under control. So. We went to church the next day and this woman came running up to us to tell us that she had to leave after church but she brought lunch for us. I could have cried in that moment. Really the Lord answers prayers.
Last night I was sleeping here in Porto Alegre and we had air conditioning. The first air conditioned night in 10 months…. hahaha and during the night I got really cold. So cold I couldnt even sleep. And there was one moment during the night I woke up and found an extra blanket folded by my pillow. I feel emotional even thinking about it. I dont even know how that blanket got there. I have no idea. But for me to wake up in the middle of the night and have another blanket to use was a sign from Heavenly Father that He is aware of me. All my needs. Even being cold in the middle of the night. I know that He loves every single one of us. He answers all of our prayers. And He wants us to succeed. Always remember the love He has!
Sorry for lack of pictures today. I forgot my adaptador… I will send more next week. Love you all!
Sister Whiting

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