My personal Liahona story

You know those cool missionary stories that you read in the Liahona? Well I had my own personal Liahona story this week. But I shall share it at the end so you will all have to wait. hahahah

This last week was pretty good! President let me and Sister Rosser play basketball with the Elders on Monday. The only rule was that sisters could only guard sisters and elders could only guard elders but hey it was still crazy fun. I was just sore afterwards. Hahahah
Also me and Sister Velezmoro found a lot of new people to teach. We had lots of cool activities. On Friday we had a Dessert competition. We had lots of members there! Whoo hoo! Also on Saturday we had a soccer championship to try and reactivate less active youth. Also we had the bridal shower of a less active young woman we are trying to help get married. Whoo hoo! I think it should work out with time. šŸ™‚
Okay funny story. Yesterday I broke our door. Yes. Hahaha The lock thing fell out. INTO OUR APARTMENT. And we were locked on the outside. So me and Sister Rosser ran back to the church building and our Zone Leaders were there because of things that had happened earlier in the day(see the next paragraph to find out more), and they tried to open the door but also didnt work out. Then me and Sister R tried to find a key guy. Well it was Sunday and things had happened that morning and basically nobody was available. So we went to the police station. And these two young police officers went to help us out. Well they got there and realized that no key guy would be able to fix our door. They would have to BREAK IT DOWN. And then I started imagining our door on the floor in a million pieces. Hahahah so he started to hit our door, and then I asked him to stop because we had a picture of Jesus Christ on the door. He literally looked at me with the weirdest look. It was like he wanted to laugh but he also had respect for me. So I took down the picture. And they almost started to break down the door when they asked if we knew our neighbor. I told them one time we asked for salt….. hahahahaha but we told our neighbor it was gonna be loud for a minute and then… THEY BROKE DOWN OUR DOOR. Phew. At least it only broke off like the baseboard. The door still closes and everything. It was a miracle.
But you wanna talk about real miracles? I know with all of my heart that the Lord protects his missionaries. Yesterday me and Sister Velezmoro left our house at 7 AM to pick up some investigators for church. The neighborhood we were headed was a very humble neighborhood. One of the most humblest I have found here in Brazil. We passed the first house, and I felt like we should return there after our other investigator. So we got to this second house, and they were awake and ready to go. Just as we were ready to leave a HUGE rainstorm started. So we ran into the house and closed the door. Wind violently shook the house. Part of a window blew in. Parts of the roof came off. We could feel the rain like we were outside. My companion and I started to pray. She asked that God could stop the wind. In that very moment, the wind stopped. And the rain continued. After 20 more minutes, the rain calmed down and we could leave. When we stepped foot outside of that house, I started to cry. There were two light posts that had fallen in front of the house. But not on the house. The other houses around the house we were in had suffered much more damage. A tornado had violently passed through this humble neighborhood. Me and my companion started to run to try and find our other investigators and members who lived in the neighborhood. We ended up returning to that first house. And when we got there, the house wasnt even there. It was shambles on the ground. And the young woman who lived there, Suyane, ran crying into our arms saying, we lost everything. We lost everything! Friends and family I have never seen something so sad in my life. People in that neighborhood literally lost everything. All of the light posts fell. Everybody lost their roofs. People were running from one side of the neighborhood to another saying who had died. 14 people died. A whole family of 5 people died. It really was a tragedy. We had sacrament meeting and just took the sacrament, but then everybody left to help these people. My testimony that the Lord protects his missionaries is stronger than ever. I know that the reason the house we were in, did not fall because we were in. The Lord loves His missionaries. And He will do everything to protect them.
I love you all very much. I would like to send pictures today, but once again am in Porto Alegre and dont know if I trust the computers here…. hahahah I love you all. Never forget the Lords love.
Sister Whiting

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