Goodbye Proselyting missionary, hello service missionary!

As you can guess, this week was a bit crazy! I left for Porto Alegre on Sunday night to do more practices with the choir. I think being a part of this choir is one of the highlights of my mission. I played basketball with Sister Rosser and some other Elders again. Also Elder Castro convinced me to try sushi for the first time which wasnt even that horrible. But Sister Velezmoro stayed here and was a superstar with Sister Arauz. They brought food, clothing, hygiene supplies to everyone. When I returned on Wednesday I got to help a little bit too. We didnt do much proselyting this week. Just helping people out. But as a result of our work, we received some great references!

We found the family of Claudio and Claudette. How cute, right? Claudio told us that after this experience he is ready to start going to the church of Jesus Christ! Whoo hoo! They were so open and great. They have 3 kids that live with them. 1 can also be baptized! We are way excited to start working with them.
Saturday we had the devotional with Elder Christofferson, Elder Lynn G Robbins, and Elder Aydukites and their wives. What GREAT men! I had the opportunidade to be the pianist for the meeting, and also sing in the choir. I was the first missionary to shake Elder Christoffersons hand bc he walked in and went straight up to me! Hahah I was also the last because he shook the hands of everybody while I was playing the piano and then invited me again to come up to the front alone and shake everybodys hands and hug all their wives. Hahaha I can now say that Elder Anderson, Holland, and Christofferson know of my musical abilities. Lol 😉 But what a great devotional! I had the opportunity to sit front and center. Literally. We heard lots of incredible things. But for me there was a moment that I know from the bottom of my heart was just for me. I spent some weeks thinking about my life before the mission. Things that I had done wrong, and things I just didnt do at all. And I prayed for weeks and weeks to know how God saw me. If I was forgiven in His eyes for everything. Elder Christofferson took a moment in the middle of his talk, out of nowhere and looked into my eyes and said, “For all of you who maybe have done some things wrong in your life, maybe you wonder if you are enough, or where you stand with God, I would like to promise you that God will show you soon in His own way if you really are forgiven.” That struck me to the heart. I felt so good inside I knew that I was clean. That the Atonement really worked. That night, I prayed and asked forgiveness again, and I heard a little voice that said, “Why are you asking me when I have already forgotten what you have done?” In my mind at that moment, even I had forgotten about the things I had done wrong. I know that the Atonement works. It cleanses. It purifies. It sanctifies. The sacrament is what helps us to go from week to week clean. I am so grateful for this gospel. I hope that all of us can find more faith in the power of Jesus Christ and the infinite atonement He suffered for us.
I love you all! Sorry for no pictures again today… I didnt have time. Man I am lame. Next week? Hahah
Sister Whiting

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