Blessings from Apostles

Hello family! What a great week we had here! We are truly seeing miracles. Last week in the devotional with Elder Christofferson, he left a blessing that people would not not believe in our words. Like, they would HAVE to believe in our words. And we really have seen this blessing come to pass.

This week we met a young woman named Larissa. I will never forget the look in her eyes when we talked about the First Vision. Her eyes almost bulged out of her head… hahah but really. It was awesome. She told us that the gospel has to be true and then asked when she could be baptized! I didnt even have time to invite her to be baptized! it was awesome!
Then we met Tamires, a woman with two kids. Tamires is the most ready person I have ever met for the gospel of Jesus Christ. She says that she is exactly like Joseph Smith and is ready for more of this gospel peace in her life!
Josilane, the woman whose house we were in when the tornado hit, separated from her boyfriend and is now preparing to be baptized. Literally miracles!!!
Also this week we had District conference. A man spoke and told the whole district that the district had two STRONG sisters in Sao Francisco de Paula. Man. That just made us feel happy that our work is having an effect!
I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister Whiting
hailey mission.jpg
hailey mission 1.jpg

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