Eleven Months ????

Really? How did we get here?? 11 months on the mission?! Time passes by way too fast! Today is a day of transfers. So I have news. I am not being transfered, nor is my companion. But we wont be companions anymore so how does that work out?! São Francisco de Paula will receive 2 more missionaries! Me and Sister V will train again! Whoo hoo! This next transfer should be a party!

Some random food facts. There is a place here called Los Pastelleros that is like my favorite thing in the world. I really dont know how to describe it. Its like hot pocket. But different. My fave has cheese and guava jam inside. MMMMM Also in Gramado we like to buy a type of bread that has this type of bacon inside. DELICIOUSSSSS.
Anyways. Speaking of food, wanna hear another food miracle? This week we had lunch with a woman in the branch. She always makes sausage. Like hot dog sausage. And this week I have been a little sick, and I didnt know if I could stomach sausage again. So when we made our schedule for the day I said a little prayer and asked Heavenly Father if he could help me out. And lo and behold, when we got to her house she opened the lid of the pot, and it had a different kind of meat inside. It was such a little thing, but I felt so loved in that moment.
Also we are working with a great family! There is only a young woman, Indianara, who was baptized. But the rest of the family is HUGE. 4 kids. a mom. And a girlfriend of one of the kids. Like talk about a future eternal family! We are way excited to work with them.
Also we have the miracle of Simone. Simone is the mom of Ederson and Maria who have been coming to church every week. She told us they cant get baptized until they are 18, and also that she wants to be taught. But we can only teach them once a week. So we went there on  Monday. And she invited us to return on Wednesday. When we taught the Restoration. And she invited us again on Friday. Like this woman LOVES us. And she always gives us food. She just needs to stop smoking, and have more of a desire to go to church and start her own testimony. So if you all could pray for her that would be great.
I am so grateful for this gospel. And for the opportunity I have to be on the mission. I love it! And I love what it is doing to me. The gospel is true folks.
With love,
Sister Whiting

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