The weekly email… in ten minutes. Featuring: I was almost robbed

So first off me and Sister Velezmoro were in Gramado and we were waiting for Elis to come and pick us up for lunch and I saw a car stop and I thought it was her so I went to open the door and it TOTALLY was not her so hey thats embarrassing. hahah but we ate lasagna and fondue with her. MMMM. Have I mentioned how much I love food here in Brasil??

Then me and Sister V headed to Porto Alegre to pick up our new friends. As we were walking to the bus stop in Porto Alegre we heard a man with a drunk cough behind us. But he was distant so we werent too worried. And then he coughed again. This time closer. So we started to walk faster and faster as he got closer. And then he yelled, you dont need to run!! AKA….. RUNNN. Like what, I am not going to wait here and be friends with you. So we ran and crossed the street without looking and a bus passed behind us and so this man couldnt follow us more. The Lord sure protected us.
We got to Porto Alegre and I had spent the week praying asking Heavenly Father to help me recognize my new comp the moment I saw her. And so all the greenies got there and I hugged them all but when I hugged Sister Juarez I knew she would be my comp! She is from Mexico and we are getting along so well. I think we were pals in the Pre-existence.
Also I had to renew my Visa this week so that was fun. Sorry this email is short. But I love you all lots and lots! Please pray for us here that we can see miracles! Especially for the baptism of Maria. Love you all!

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