Robbed for reals andddd fleas.

So this week. Hmm. Well. First off, I have a confession. Probably something my mom doesnt want to hear. Like two things. Our apartment has fleas. It has had fleas for awhile, but since the new sisters have arrived I had to switch beds. And as my luck would have it, I am sleeping where the fleas live. They are eating me alive. Its gross. Please pray for me. LOL

Also we were robbed for reals this week. Well. Indirectly robbed. I set our cell phone down in an aisle at the supermarket and forgot about it for like 5 minutes and when we returned someone had robbed it.
We found some great new people this week including Giovana and Paloma. They have never been baptized in a church and they really want to! They wanted to go to church on Sunday, but travelled at the last minute for Easter.
Hmm. Who wants to hear an awkward missionary experience?? So yesterday me and Sister J decided to go pick up a less active girl named Indianara because we are trying to help her break up with her boyfriend and go on a mission. Also return to church. Anyways. I put together some new skirts for her, and we walked to her house. Well her boyfriends house. When we got there, his dad said she was at her moms house. So I had hope she had broken up with him and everything was good. Well we got there and her brother answered the door and told us she was sleeping. I asked if we could come in. He said yes and I asked which room was hers. He pointed it out, and I opened the door, walked in excitedly and literally found her in bed with her boyfriend. um okay. Some things you just dont need to know about. hahahaha in the end she didnt go to church with us so thats sad, but she promised next week she would. đŸ™‚
President Nunes was released as the branch president here yesterday. I cried like my dog died. I have never even had a dog so I wouldnt know what its like, but man I felt sad. But on the brighter side of things, they called Cleomar and I know he will do great things here!
This Easter was very special for me. I know with all of my heart that my Savior loves me. I know that through Him we can all be purified and sanctified of our sins. He is perfect. I am so grateful for the perfect plan of happiness God has given us. I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Whiting

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