The weeklyyyy

So. This week was pretty basic. Nothing too crazy happened. We had splits with the Sister Leaders in Campo Bom. Sister Hannah had peanut butter so we made pb and j sandwiches. mmmmm.

We continued teaching Giovana this week. Man. She is incredible! She loved the activity on Saturday night. And Sunday she couldnt make it to church. sigh. but she always asks about her baptism so she definitely has potential! She really is gaining a testimony of the gospel so that is something absolutely incredible to see. Its my fave part of missionary work, really.
We also are teaching a woman named Ju. She passed some traumatizing experiences when she was younger, but she remains happy. She gave us new nail polish. Lots of yogurt. Made us dinner. Drives us home. Today we went to visit her at work and she had already told everyone about us. hahah she calls us her ‘sisters’. its adorable.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. In Doctrine and Covenants 4 it talks about how sometimes we cant see all the work we do. But it brings salvation to our souls. I know that truly the Lord sees what we do. And He always rewards us. Maybe not immediately, but the blessings always come. I love all of you so much. Always remember that the blessings always come. Have a great week!

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