The week

First off what a great week we had! We had the opportunity to have a training with President Campos, and afterwards he had interviews with all of us. What an incredible mission president I have. He teaches me so much! Both him and his wife! I am definitely blessed! 🙂

Me and Sister Juarez have been having lots of difficulties having investigators at church on Sunday so we decided to fast, and oh man how the Lord responded to our prayers and our fast! This week we passed a lady in the street who asked us if we knew where she could buy a house ? I explained we didnt know, but the Lord did. And she could go to church on Sundayat 9AM and maybe the Lord would guide her… hahahah a few hours later we ran into the same lady who happily told us that she had found a house to live in, and to express her gratitude she would go to church the next day. I had forgotten about her the next morning when I got to church at 830 and she was standing there waiting for us. She ended up staying the whole meeting and absolutely loved it. She is excited to go to church again this Sunday! Her name is Irací. She is moving to her new house this week in the area of the other sisters… 😦 But I know the other sisters will sure help her out!
We also had Geraldo at church this week! He is 38 and has some mental problems, but still understands that he needs to be baptized! He has always gone to church, but no one has taught him or helped him get baptized! He will be baptized this Sunday! Please pray for him, and pray for us that we can find him at home this week!
ALSO Giovana FINALLY went to church! After going to two activies at church, it was such a blessing to have her there. She is absolutely thrilled about her baptism this Sunday! She is 16 and absolutely awesome. Really. We went to her house yesterday to fill out the baptism form and her older sister was there. She came, sat down, and just wanted to Bible bash with us. Sigh. Its a good thing I have learned on the mission that the best thing to do is to testify. I did just that, and she calmed down. We left and immediately asked Heavenly Father to send angels there to protect Giovana from the thoughts and actions of the enemy. Tonight we will have FHE with her and a couple in the ward. We will make Torta de Bolacha. MMMM. My favorite dessert. Its like graham crackers soaked in milk and then put with chocolate pudding and sweetened condensed milk.. mmm..
Really this week rocked. I am so grateful for all of your prayers and everything you all do. I also pray for all of you. ❤
Sister Whiting

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