Death Calls

Hahah okay not literally. But Monday night I received the following phone call.

Elder Silva(Assistent): Elder Emerick called you to ask what is the name of the airport closest to your house?
Me: What did you say? I didnt understand anything after Elder Emerick….
Elder Silva: What is the name of the aiport closest to your house?
Me: Please dont tell me you asked what I think you asked…
Elder Silva: What is the name of the airport closest to your house?(Laughing and laughing)
Me:This is a joke right. I dont get it. I have 5 more months on the mission and you are calling and asking now….
And then I cried a little bit… because wow. Time is passing so fast. I dont even believe it. I love the mission so much. I just hope I can enjoy more of it until I get home.
Other funny moment is when Geraldo was walking home in the front of me and the other 3 sisters here in the city, and Geraldo cant know where we live. Its a rule. Anyways. And we were walking and had to enter the stairwell to our apartment. So. I yelled, “Geraldo! Whats that?!” And pointed in the other direction. Meanwhile, me and the rest of the sisters ran into our stairwell to our apartment laughing… hahahah
Bianca was confirmed yesterday. It was way special!
Me and Sister Juarez were walking in the street at night this week and we found a girl sitting on some steps in the cold. It is wayyyy cold here. Anyways. I introduced ourselves to her and she started to tell us she had to wait until 2 am for her husband to get back from porto alegre with her key to her house…. so we called the RS President and left her there. She was so happy, and we were happy to be able to serve her. She lives in the area of the other sisters, but we will see what happens. It is so incredible to see how the Lord works.
And now…. for the best part of this letter. I dont remember if I have told you guys yet about Cristina and her family. She is married to Daniel and they have four incredible daughters. I am absolutely in love with their whole family. We have taught them for a few weeks now. They are so cute. We made them cookies this week with a note to remind them to read the Book of Mormon. They were ready to go to church yesterday but they had some family members surprise them and show up at their house. They invited us for lunch on Saturday, but we moved it to Sunday. They made churrasco for us. Ugh. I just love them so much. Cristina got emotional and told us they are trying to read the Book of Mormon as a family. Like they are incredible. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM. I love them so much.
And I love you all so much! Thanks for your endless support and love! Have a great week!
Sister Whiting

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