I have lice, my umbrella broke, but at least the Lord loves me

Well. What an adventure friends. First off, I have lice as the title states. But I think maybe in this moment that I am clean. Sister Velezmoro picked up lice this week from who knows where and she didnt know it. And then Wednesday night the Sister Leaders were here for splits, and we didnt have enough beds so me and sister v ended up sleeping in the same bed. Aka it was over for my poor head. Yesterday I bathed my head in lime, and today Sister Juarez picked out all of the lice. Most of them were dead. It was gross. But hey, it was good for our relationship. Lol.

We had a cool experience this week with a woman named AnaPaula. As we passed her house, I felt that we should knock there. As we did, a little girl came out and let us in. We met her bigger sister AnaPaula. She is 21 and lives there with her 8 year old sister and her husband. We taught her the restoration. The Spirit was so strong. As I started to use Joseph Smiths words about the first vision, AnaPaula started to cry. When I said that he saw two personages, she cried out, “Bah!” And started to cry strongly. She ended up accepting baptism and all of our invitations. In that moment, the Spirit told me what I needed to know. “See! You really are a successful missionary!” The Lord truly knows our needs and wants to help us see our potential.
Remember the crazy special family we started teaching? They are reading the Book of Mormon together and everything. Well. CRISTINA AND DANIEL(the parents) WENT TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! What an awesome miracle! We taught them about family history and temples. And also about the Word of Wisdom. They dont understand completely, but with faith and prayers they will. Please keep praying for them. We love them immensely.
Thanks for all of your love and support. I love you all TONS! 🙂
Sister Whiting

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