Well. First lets talk about the craziness. I almost got hit by a car. I tripped in the street and cut up my knees and my hands. I walked through a flood with Sister Rosser. Water almost entered in my rain boots. Twas crazy. I jumped a 6 foot wall because me and Sister Rosser didnt have the key to open the gate, and we had to get to our lunch appointment. Hahah all of the crazy things happen with me and Sister Rosser. We had splits together. Also on our day together, I was leaving the bus, and the bus driver closed the door and my body was in the middle of the doors so I kept tossing and turning until he realized it and opened the doors again. Sister R laughed so so so hard. Hahah I also cut my hands taking clothes off of barbed wire. A lady puts her clothes there to dry and not fly away in the wind ??? I dont know. Also last night had two drug busts outside of our apartment. With guns and everything. Phew. Okay. There is a little bit of the craziness.

And now for a quick spiritual moment. Cristinas family. We got there and found Cristina crazy happy. She told us she ADORED going to church on Sunday. She decided she wants to be baptized and become a member of the church. Her dream is to have her whole family do the same. She told us that her husband, Daniel is proving to be a bit tough because he is used to his other church and he doesnt want to give up coffee and alchohol. So. Thats a bit tough. We taught the whole family the Restoration again. The Spirit was SOOO strong. SOOO strong. I KNOW Daniel felt it. And then we invited them all to be baptized this Sunday and Daniel and the oldest daughter, Brenda freaked out. Daniel said he would never let his daughters get baptized unless they had studied it out for a long time. We asked Cristina her opinion if she wants to get baptized and she said she wants to wait for her whole family. She started crying and told her husband and her children in that moment that the only thing she wants is that one day  her family can be sealed together in the temple. BAM. What a special moment. Afterwards, Cristina drove us to our apartment and told us that she will keep working with Daniel. That in the deepest part of his heart, she knows that he knows its true.
What a special privilege to be a missionary. I wouldnt trade it for the world. I hope you all find special experiences to share the gospel. I love you all!
Sister Whiting

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