Almost… Kidnapped?!

So. My week. My week was crazy. First a little craziness. And then we can talk about something cool and spiritual.

I WAS ALMOST KIDNAPPED LAST NIGHT. Like for reals. Me and my comp were walking home and a car pulled up next to us and asked if we wanted a ride to escape the cold. Um…  NO. I said no thanks and we kept walking, but he kept insisting and insisting and then oh man it got really crazy. But we were def being watched over and protected.  I told Sister J to cross the street. As we crossed, I pulled out my cell phone to call my leaders and the guy sped off. Phew. It was almost the Saratov Approach… but the São Chico Approach. Lol.
Something spiritual from this week is Ademir’s family. We have been working with them since I got here in February. They are a family of active members who hit one year of church membership in March. We have been pushing them to get sealed in the temple. But it seemed like they always have had excuses. At first it was both of them, but now Roberta wants more than anything to get sealed. So last night we went to talk to Ademir. And after listening to all of the problems, I called him out. And said, “I love you guys tons so I am gonna be straight up okay? This sounds like a bunch of excuses, and the Lord wants you to put Him first in your lives and enter the temple to make these covenants with Him so you can receive these blessings you need.” BAH. The Spirit entered the room, and this man got quiet and said that I was right and that they really needed to go to the temple. Family, I KNOW that the temple is the greatest blessing in our lives. It isnt a burden. But the greatest blessing we can receive. Go to the temple. Go frequently! It is one of the biggest things I miss here on the mission. I wish I could be there every week. But, for now I can help other people to have this opportunity to be worthy to enter and make covenants. I love you all!
Sister Whiting

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